New DXCC on 20 Meters – Hong Kong

I haven’t been on the radio much over the past week, but this morning I had some time and found that 20 and 30 meters were open to the Far East. It took a bunch of tries, but I was able to complete a FT8 QSO on 20 meters with VR2XRW in Hong Kong. That’s a new DXCC entity for me, and he confirmed the QSO on Logbook of the World in just a few minutes! The new DXCC entities are becoming fewer and further between, and it’s always special to work a new one!

A few good FT8 and FT4 QSOs on 20 and 30 meters
VR2XRW confirmed our QSO on Logtbook of the World within minutes!
N1ADM’s DXCC Account Status as of August 15th, 2020