About N4MI

This is me, N4MI (at that time N1ADM), during my first ever trip to Hamvention in 2018.
In the shack with my best friend.

My previous callsign was N1ADM.

Thank you for checking my web page! Hopefully you’re here because we had a radio or eyeball QSO. The first name on my license as Allen, but most people call me Dan. (I’m one of those guys who goes by his middle name.)

I live in the small town of Grovetown, GA, which is located 10 miles west of Augusta, GA, and 130 miles east of Atlanta, GA. 

I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2003, and I’m currently working my way towards a true retirement so I will have more time for radio. I’m still fairly new to the ham radio hobby, having received my first Technician license in 2016. The bug bit me hard, so I quickly studied for and obtained General and Extra. After the tests were finished, the real learning began! I have been very fortunate to have many great Elmers to learn from. I enjoy working with others and promoting the hobby, so I became an ARRL Volunteer Examiner and Volunteer Instructor. I truly enjoy this hobby, and I like to learn and try all of the different aspects.

This is me and my dog, Luke. He is a Louisana Catahoula Leopard Dog. We were both born on the same date, exactly 50 years apart!

A picture of most of our pack: (L>R) Bella (Pug) (RIP), Luke (Catahoula), Dolly (Chiweenie), Gemma (English Bulldog), and Gus (Pug) (RIP). Not in this picture is BeeBee, our other English Bulldog.
My 15 minutes of fame (as N1ADM).

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